Water Softener Plants In Jaipur

Water Softener Plants In Jaipur

Hard water cannot be used for industrial and domestic purpose as it contains excess quantity of calcium and magnesium as compared to the normal water. Moreover, hard water cannot be used for cooking as it results in different taste. We provide the customers with the best water softener plants in Jaipur. Softened water tastes much better and easier to deal with. The water softeners make the use of ion exchange process to transform the hard water ions of calcium and magnesium into sodium ions. The treated water contains less than 4ppm of total hardness.

Water Softening Plant

The water softener plants comprise of mild steel/ FRP pressure vessel/ejector assembly/frontal piping work with manual/conventional valves for easy operation and control/regeneration tank.

In industries, the performance of boilers, cooling towers and other equipments is adversely affected by the scaling of hard water. The water softener plants manufactured by us offer reliable performance at low price. These plants are available with diverse configurations like tank construction, piping quality, double and triple unit arrangement etc.

The water softeners efficiently remove the hardness and provide you with softened water using unique tank designs.

Industrial water softener finds its applications in the following places.

  • Restaurant
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Heating system
  • Hospitals and health care
  • Food processing units
  • Humidification and air conditioning

What we offer?

  • Complete installation and commissioning
  • Water analysis and lab support
  • Immediate after sales service
  • Portable systems and rental services