Commercial RO in Jaipur

Commercial RO In Jaipur

There are many advantages that one can get by making use of commercial RO in Jaipur.
The basic components of RO system

Cold water Line valve – The valve consists of a tube that attaches to the inner side of the RO pre filter. This becomes the water source for the RO system.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane – The reverse osmosis membrane is the main part of the system. The RO membrane is designed in such a way that it removes health related contaminants and aesthetic. After the water passes through this membrane, it goes into pressurized storage tank where treated water is stored.

Storage tank – RO storage tank generally holds 2-4 gallons of water. A bladder placed in the tank keeps the water pressurized.

Post Filters – Once the water leaves the RO storage tank and before it goes to the RO faucet, the treated water goes through a final post filter which is usually a carbon filter. The remaining tastes and odors are removed from the water by post filtration polishing filter.

Automatic shut off valve – The RO system consists of an automatic shut off valve to conserve the water. Once the storage tank gets full, the automatic shut off valve shuts off to restrict the entry of water from getting in the membrane and blocks the flow to drain.

Check Valve – This valve is located in the outlet of the RO membrane housing. The check valve stops the backward flow of the treated water from the storage tank. There is a possibility that the valve may rupture due to backward flow.

Flow Restrictor – Water flowing through RO membrane is controlled by flow restrictor. There are various styles of flow controls, but the main purpose is to maintain the flow rate required for the highest quality drinking water.

Faucet – The RO unit makes use of its own faucet that is installed on the AC sink.

Drain line – This extends from the outlet end of reverse osmosis housing membrane to the drain. The drain line is used to remove the wastewater containing contaminations and impurities that are filtered by reverse osmosis process.